Sarajevostan Created a Guide For Managers of Buildings and Condominium Owners

opcina_novi_grad_sarajevo_panorama_010213For the first time in Canton Sarajevo, a guide has been made for the management and maintenance of the common parts of a building.

Sarajevostan made a guide as the longest serving manager. The owners of apartments, as well as managers, with this could learn more about their rights and obligations in the maintenance of buildings, said TV Sarajevo.

The intent is to improve the level of the culture of living. Although since the beginning of the privatization of social housing in the past 15 years, some apartment owners continue to think that the maintenance of buildings is a state obligation.

Sarajevostan gives a free guide to tenants whose apartments are maintained. One number will receive the municipal and Ministry of Housing of Sarajevo Canton, while the rest should consult with their managers.


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