Sarajevo will redirect Funds for the New Year Celebration for the Purchase of Vaccines

The City of Sarajevo will redirect the funds planned for the New Year’s Eve 2021 for the purchase of vaccines for Bosnia and Herzegovina. population against COVID-19.

”Our citizens, their health and safety are the most important to us. Until the vaccine arrives, we must all continue to act responsibly and adhere to epidemiological measures,” said the mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka.

The mayor called on Sarajevans and Saralije to be patient, responsible towards themselves and others.

”Celebrate the New Year’s holidays in the closest circle of the family, so that the next year will be better, more beautiful and healthier for all of us,” said Skaka.

The public New Year’s Eve in the city of Sarajevo with the performance of local and regional stars was one of the success stories that this city administration, led by Mayor Abdulah Skaka, has realized in recent years.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted the plans of the world’s capitals to celebrate the New Year, including Sarajevo, which for years was the New Year’s center of the region, the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo said.

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