Sarajevo will get 200 new Police Officers

Admir Katica, the Minister of the Internal Affairs of the CantonSarajevo (CS), while speaking about the state of the staff in the Sarajevo police, emphasized that “we need the best male and female police officers to work among us and take care of our safety.”

Considering that the employment of needed police officers in the CS is often mentioned, both in public and at the sessions of the CS Assembly, he explained the stage of that process.

“As it is already known, we have announced a job ad for the admission of 200 police officers and we are somewhere in the middle of the procedures. I expect that the candidates will soon be invited to a test of general knowledge, and morphological and physical abilities,” Katica stated on social networks.

He reminded that they introduced a novelty during testing, where the software randomly throws out questions for candidates.

“In this way, we would like to contribute to a fair, transparent,and protected process of recruiting police officers because we need quality, professional, and honest staff. We need the best male and female police officers to work among us and take care of our safety,” Katica pointed out.

As he explained, when the Rulebook on Internal Organization is adopted, a job ad for another 100 police officers and 100 junior inspectors will be announced immediately after that, which is extremely important from the aspect of the profession, Klix.ba writes.


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