Sarajevo War Theatre at Its Festival in the Netherlands

odetteOn 26 June, Sarajevo War Theatre will participate at Its Festival which is being held in Amsterdam.

They will present themselves with the play ‘Odette and Odile’ starring Amila Terzimehić and Ena Kurtalić, who are also choreographers.

The play ‘Odette&Odile’ was based on the film ”Black swan” directed by Darren Aronofsky and it talks about Two swans, Odette, white one, innocent and gentle, played by Ena Kurtalić, and Odile, the black swan, which is sensual, free and seductive, played by Amila Terzimehić, carry us through the story about reason and emotions, restrictions and freedom, courage and fear; about the artist, or the person that suddenly discovers the hidden layers of the self, who start to come out on the surface and suddenly become visible to everyone. They do not only become visible but they also become the dominant features of the personality.

The International Theatre School Festival Amsterdam is the biggest European student festival where you can scout over 200 theatre talents in more than 50 unique productions. It is a wonderful opportunity to catch a glimpse of how the performing arts will look in the coming years. Alongside the productions, the festival programme is filled with inspiring debates, lectures and workshops, ending every day with the famous ITs afterparty.


(photo: sartr)

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