Sarajevo to get the longest urban Zip Line Installation in the World! (video)

The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina could get the longest urban zip line installation in the world, news portal reports.

Considering that the first plan foresees that the starting point will be above the city, it is sure that going down the zip line will be a real adventure with a fantastic view of Sarajevo and a completely different experience for all tourists, as well as residents of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo zip line should be built in the area of the oldest Sarajevo municipality, Municipality of Old Town.

Driving with a zip line would, according to the video published by Dron Solution, begin at Popov Gaj where it provides a perfect view of Sarajevo and ends on the other side of the river Miljacka, more precisely on the White Fortress.

Zipline is lowering down with the steel wire of different lengths and slopes with the help of special equipment.

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