Sarajevo Times available in Public Chats on Viber! Have you joined the only portal publishing Bosnian News in English?

1 Sarajevotimes #92Following the newest trend on social networks such as Viber, Sarajevo Times portal opened a new platform to follow the news from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in English language. This is a new approach in expanding the public reading ST portal.

The news portal “Sarajevo Times” was launched in November 2012, and is the product of determined and ambitious young people.

”Sarajevo Times” is currently the only Bosnian portal that reports news from Bosnia and Herzegovina in English,  at the same time respecting European standards of professional and objective journalism.

The portal offers objective, accurate and timely information, and promotes positive and encouraging elements within our society, working primarily for the welfare of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to promote positive values, people, activities and events from BiH, in order to contribute to a better image of our country.

Public Chat enables Viber Users to share content, engage in conversations and create “public chats” between other Viber Users who may have a common interest or affiliation and provides the ability to digitally “follow” particular Public Chat and watch all content and other information introduced in it.

You can follow ST by opening this link.

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