Sarajevo Sonic Studio 2013

Sarajevo Sonic Studio. HEINER GOEBBELS. 2013After the Sarajevo Chamber Music Festival, another new artistic and educational program of the Music Academy will begin that is dedicated to artistic practices in music in the modern era.

Answers to the question ‘What is Music Today?’ will be addressed by young composers of our region four times a year in Sarajevo in master workshops of great world contemporary music, along with discussions, concerts, projections and exhibitions.

Guests of the first semester of the program, in two cycles, are the stars of the international contemporary art music Heiner Goebbels (Germany) and Philippe Manoury (France).

Studio 1 with Heiner Goebbels in Sarajevo will last from 28 to 30 October and Studio 2 with Phillipe Manoury from 24 to 27 November 2013.

The project is realized in cooperation with French Institutes and Goethe Institute in B&H, with the support of the French Embassy and the German Embassy, along with the Elysées Fund that promotes cooperation of the two countries in continuing the Elysées Treaty.

(Source: Press Release-Sarajevo Sonic Studio)

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