Sarajevo residents​ can expect an Increase in the Concentration of Pollutants, Experts say

The air quality in Sarajevo Canton is similar to yesterday, and the residents of the capital can expect an increase in the concentration of pollutants in the air in the next three days, Assistant Minister of Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of Canton Sarajevo Zijada Krvavac told Fena news agency.

She pointed out that cross-border values ​​in the air are most pronounced in the area of ​​the municipalities of Ilijaš, Ilidža and Otoka, while the situation is better in Stari Grad.

”The weather is stable, but the air flow is weak. There is also a thermal phenomenon characteristic of the valley position of Sarajevo, and that is the temperature inversion and it is expressed in the early morning and evening hours, while during the day there are changes,” said Krvavac.

She emphasized that all these meteorological conditions affect the accumulation of pollutants, which affects the air quality in Canton Sarajevo.

She reminded that the Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision of the Plan of Intervention Measures in Cases of Excessive Air Pollution in Sarajevo Canton re-declared the episode “Preparedness” for the entire area of ​​Sarajevo Canton, due to increased concentrations of air pollutants.

The goal of the Intervention Measures Plan, she explained, is to try to stop the growth of pollutants from three key segments, namely industry, housing and transport. Krvavac appealed to the citizens to adhere to all measures prescribed by the episode “Preparedness“, because the situation is extremely complicated due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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