Sarajevo records New Record in Number of New Cases of Coronavirus

Another 401 samples were tested for the presence of coronavirus at the University of Sarajevo Clinical Center (KCUS) during the night, of which 248 were positive. There are 208 newly infected people in Sarajevo, and three people died.

Eighteen persons in Gorazde, eight in Visoko, five in Travnik, four in Olovo, three in Breza, and one in Nova Bila and Uskoplje also tested positive for coronavirus. The Podhrastovi isolation ward currently houses 60 people, 15 of whom have a severe clinical picture in intensive care.

Bosnia and Herzegovina today exceeded the figure of a thousand deaths caused by coronavirus. In the last 24 hours alone, the coronavirus has claimed as many as 20 lives (16 in the Federation of BiH, 4 in Republika Srpska), the most in a day since the pandemic began.

We broke another black record today, in terms of the number of newly infected – as many as 728 (473 in FBiH, 245 in RS, 10 in Brcko).

Data from the BiH Ministry of Civil Affairs show that a total of 35,389 people have been infected with the coronavirus in our country so far, of which 22,967 in the FBiH, 12,057 in the RS, and 365 in the Brcko District.

So far, 283,335 people have been tested (184,117 in FBiH, 94,270 in RS, 4,948 in Brcko).

A total of 25,560 of them recovered from the crown (17,759 in FBiH, 7,510 in RS, 291 in Brcko). There are currently 8,812 active cases (4,555 in FBiH, 4,204 in RS, 53 in Brcko). Unfortunately, the coronavirus has claimed 1,017 lives in BiH so far (653 in the FBiH, 343 in the RS, 21 in Brcko).

Comparative data to conclude that in the past 20 days in BiH, 7,640 people were infected (4,938 in FBiH, 2,651 in RS, 51 in Brcko). 156 people have lost their lives due to the coronavirus since the beginning of October (124 in FBiH and 32 in RS), Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

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