Sarajevo Police purchased basic Necessities for Residents over 65 Years of Age



In April, officers from the Third Police Directorate organized a voluntary fundraiser to purchase basic necessities for residents over 65 years of age.

A list of 70 residents living in difficult socio-economic conditions has been compiled, and due to their age they are unable to purchase food and other items.

At the same time, contact was made with the malls in the municipality and a standard package was created with the most necessary items, so police officers already distributed packages to all 70 addresses on April 17th, according to Ministry of Interior of Canton Sarajevo.

This humane gesture by the police officers is just another in a series of activities of members of the Police Directorate, which clearly stated its commitment and willingness to assist and facilitate life in every way for the citizens of the Canton of Sarajevo, since joint action and cooperation is the only the way to successfully overcome the difficulties that everyone currently finds themselves in.

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