Sarajevo Police continues punishing Drivers

taksi_policija_nc_rsThe Sarajevo police continued the traffic controls in the past 24 hours and 21 cases of violation of rules were registered in the mentioned period.

Eleven cases of begging were registered, three violations of rules due to exceptionally impertinent behavior, one case of vilification of police officers, and six other offenses.

When it comes to safety in traffic, 30 traffic accidents with material damage were registered.

In the past 24 hours, the Sarajevo police excluded 29 drivers and vehicles from traffic – including eleven drivers due to driving under the influence of alcohol and one driver for using a car without the driving license.

Seven drivers were excluded from traffic because of driving the car before gaining the right to manage a vehicle and four vehicles were excluded from traffic due to the expiration of the driving license.

Six vehicles were excluded from traffic because they have not been registered before, stated the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Sarajevo Canton.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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