The Sarajevo Olympics lives on Ebay and it is very expensive

sarajevo-olympicsThe Olympic Games that were held in Sarajevo in 1984 are remembered as the largest event ever held in the region.

They were named for the best organized winter games ever held.

However, the Sarajevo Olympics are still alive. Take a look for yourself through simple search on the world’s largest service for online shopping, Ebay.

Badges, badges with the image of Vucko, the official mascots, coins from that period, accreditation and medals are just some of the items that can be found on Ebay. From cheap to expensive accessories from 1984 and motives of the Olympic Games in Sarajevo – choice on eBay is almost immense.

Currently the most expensive item related to the Olympic Games in Sarajevo is in the Netherlands. One citizen of this country has the original poster of the Olympic Games in Sarajevo, which was designed by a great artist Andy Warhol.

Currently the best offer for it is close to 3,000 USD, and for the person who buys it – shipping is free. Also, there is an extremely rare flare for burning Olympic flame in Serbia. Its price is 2,499 USD, while the owner of the account on Ebay from the US is in the possession of collection of gold and silver coins featuring the Sarajevo Olympics, and he is asking 2,114.99 USD for them.

For a total of 1,799.99 USD from the US you can order a set of silver coins / dinars, and you can order from New Zealand a huge mascot of Vucko, which costs 799 USD. The owner is in the possession of three mascots.

You can also order bronze medal from the Olympic Games in Sarajevo from South Korea for 350 USD, and from Bulgaria for 315 USD. There are many options.

Basically, if you want to see what you can buy if you’re passionate collector (or nostalgic) it is enough to open E-Bay, type Winter Olympic 1984 in search, open an account and order everything that you are possibly interested in.

(Source: N1)

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