Sarajevo Music Stage: Boban Marković Orchestra Announced Concert in Sarajevo

boban markovićBoban Marković said that he is looking forward to a performance at the Sarajevo Music Stage.

“Since the last appearance in Sarajevo, a lot of time has passed. We have released two albums, and in addition to excellent music and arrangement, Marko created a lot of new things in the band and on the scene’’, said Boban and added that for some time already the drummer, guitarist, harmonica player and saxophonist are with them, and this is a novelty when it comes to brass orchestras.

“We prepared a lot of new songs. We know that during the Sarajevo Film Festival there are a lot of events, but we hope that our concert will be remembered as the most colorful one’’, said Boban.

Boban Marković Orchestra was founded in southern Serbia, and for a long time holds the title “leading brass band in Serbia”. The 13 member orchestra performs music of the Roma heritage, and at the same time absorbs other musical and cultural forms that are close to the Roma tradition.

Tickets for all concerts of the Sarajevo Music Stage can be bought until 10 August, through the portal ekupon.ba for group tickets, which cost 50 percent less, so 10 KM per ticket.

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