Sarajevo Mayor held a Speech in National Museum

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka said at the central ceremony, hosted by the City of Sarajevo on the occasion of BiH Statehood Day at the National Museum tonight, that BiH is made of people that are worth living with and that it is an honor to know them.

“We who are here today will be part of history one day and that is why we have to make sure significant pages are written in that history,” said Skaka.

Mayor Skaka congratulated Statehood Day to all the invitees.

“The National Museum in which we meet today may be the best to talk about our history, about the essence of the individual and his efforts and life in BiH, what he is interested in, how he developed, what he was creating,”Skaka pointed out.

The reception was attended by numerous guests from public life of BiH.


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