Sarajevo Mayor announced New Directions of Action

Mayor of Sarajevo, Abdulah Skaka, announced new directions of action after meeting with mayors of Belgrade and Zagreb, Zoran Radojicic and Milan Bandic, last week in Sarajevo, which was the first meeting of this kind in the post-war BiH.

He added that the City of Sarajevo is returning its regional position and importance in political terms after this meeting and that it is very important.

“My colleagues Radojicic and Bandic made a great effort to make this meeting happen and we are very grateful to them. I am convinced, and we agreed at the meeting, that the next meetings in Zagreb and Belgrade will be equally important, successful, and full of contents,” stated Skaka.

He stated that the capital cities have the ways and space to be the leaders of positive change and to be the factor of stability of the whole region. He also believes that this was a good message to foreign investors as well.

“We agreed on forming a joint tourist route, and this project needs to be realized by our tourist communities. This is an initiative that is feasible, efficient and can increase tourism growth in all three capital cities. We have the opportunity to use the tourist potential of Far East. That will be a test of our commitment in cooperation. There will be some other concrete things that we will be talking about publicly when needed. We have a number of ways and forms of cooperation, some of them include other institutions and cities, but the expressed political will is crucial. The most important thing is to work even when the public is not looking and when there are no cameras around,” said the Mayor of Sarajevo.

He added that the institutional strengthening of the City of Sarajevo and its administration was demonstrated and confirmed with the organization of this kind of conference at the highest level.

(Source: A. D./Klix.ba)




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