Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka met with the Ambassador of China H.E. Chen Bo

December 14, 2018 2:00 PM

Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka met with the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China H.E. Chen Bo for a farewell visit, thanking her for the exceptional efforts she had invested in promoting Sarajevo during her mandate in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Mayor particularly stressed the engagement of Ambassador Bo in lifting visa requirements for the citizens of the two countries which came into effect in May this year, resulting in the rise of the number of Chinese tourists visiting Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 40.000 arrivals of Chinese tourists were recorded in Sarajevo in the first nine months of this year, which is more than the total number of arrivals recorded in the previous year.

The economic relations between China and Bosnia and Herzegovina were considerably strengthened through the mechanism 16+1, within which the City of Sarajevo established links with Beijing and intensified the relations with his sister city Tianjin in the field of economy, culture, education, with special emphasis on tourism, which can serve as an important engine for the partnership between Sarajevo and Chinese cities” said Mayor Skaka.

The Ambassador said that she will support the idea of Sarajevo hosting the Summit of Mayors of Capital Cities of China and CEEC in 2020.

Ambassador Bo emphasized the support of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the hosting of the Winter Sports Festival for University Students from the 16+1 countries and China to be held in Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the aim of which is to promote winter tourism.

I enjoyed working in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly its capital city – Sarajevo during my mandate. I am convinced that we have enriched and expanded our relations particularly since you assumed the office of the Mayor”, said Ambassador Bo.



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