Sarajevo int’l Airport tightens security measures after protests

March 1, 2018 2:00 PM

Sarajevo International Airport (SIA) has tightened security measures to the highest level after former Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH) veterans announced they will block the airport, SIA press office told local media on Thursday.

“SIA is in constant contact with the BiH Border Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo, and security measures have been raised to the highest level,” the spokesperson of SIA Sanja Bagaric-Arnaut told local media.

SIA had defined procedures for all the extraordinary situations and the situation at the airport will be monitored throughout the day and there are no delays in air traffic.

“Air traffic this morning is executed without delays and the plane to Zagreb has flown by scheduled timetable,” Bagaric-Arnaut added.

Former veterans of BiH army who have blocked the highway towards the capital Sarajevo, causing a traffic collapse here on Wednesday, announced that they will close the access to SIA if their requests are not fulfilled. Protestors are asking for the abolishment of veteran organizations that are not in accordance with a BiH law and the establishment of the accurate veterans register.

On Thursday early morning, protestors have unblocked the highway towards Sarajevo, but still ask for their requests to be fulfilled.


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