Sarajevo Insurance is Winner of Best Buy Award

Sarajevo-osiguranjeSarajevo Insurance, leader in the insurance market in B&H, is the winner of the Best Buy Award in B&H. This is an award that is given out by the International Certification Association (Icertias), an independent organization based in Zurich.

According to a statement by Sarajevo Insurance, they were informed about the award in a letter sent to them by the insurance company from Icertias.

Icertias said that the Best Buy award is given out on the basis of research that ‘measures only experience, opinions and perceptions of consumers about providers who offer the best price-quality ratio in the market’.

According to the latest official data, for nine months in 2013 Sarajevo Insurance remains the leading company in the insurance market in B&H with 48,8 million BAM of earned premiums and market share of companies in the FB&H of around 17 percent.

By 30 September 2013, Sarajevo Insurance solved and paid more than 21 million BAM of damages of all types of insurance, and is in first position in B&H.

(Source: Fena)

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