Sarajevo Holiday Market in 2013

After the celebration of the New Year 2013, Coca-Cola Sarajevo Holiday Market is entering its second half of entertaining activities and winter joy.

On the first day of January, children had the opportunity to learn English, to draw and make New Year gift cards in the Argeta Junior Play House. This workshop was opened yesterday from 10:00 a.m. till 22:00 p.m. Children also had the opportunity to listen to Brothers Grimm fairy tales in the fairy tale corner from 18:00 p.m. till 19:00 p.m.

Children also had the opportunity to enjoy in the program organized by the Happy:)) Stage. The penguin and bear mascots had secured great fun during the first day of January.” Selam Tufekčić Trio” has performed within the New Year celebration organized by the ”Sarajevko pivo” Holiday Pub, and last night the Tambourine ensemble ”Zlatne žice” performed at the Holiday Pub.




(Photo by Dženat Dreković)

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