Sarajevo Hair Stylist Elvir Bajrić is Among the Best in the World

frizerIn the London “Old Billingsgate”, the manifestation “Titi World Release” was recently held where, as a member of the best hair stylist teams in the world, President of the BiH Association of Hairdressers Elvir Bajrić attended.

Bajrić is otherwise the licensed educator of “Tigi” since 2002, and the invite to this global event, according to him, is another recognition for his work.

“I was part of a team of 30 people from the entire world who have brought this magnificent event. Everything was spectacular, and we worked on the organization of “Tigi World Release” for about a year. I am glad that I am on the scene together with Anthony Mascolo, the international creative director of “Tigi” and his colleague Nick Iwrin. All hairstylists know that their names mean in the world. One of the moments of the night was at the beginning of the show, when international creative director Anthony Mascolo and his wife Pat gave a very personal and warm welcome to more than 2.000 hair stylists, people from all over the world and journalists who came from all parts of the world’’, said Bajrić.

The first part of the night was devoted to education, and was led by the global creative director Nick Irwin. He presented members of the team from all over the world and the new TIGI collection masterbrand for 2013.

“The second part of the night was a gala presentation, more appropriately described as the entertainment part. There was a series of runway exhibitions, with 86 models parading around, and a part of the show included models dressed in Iris Van Herpen couture and a bunch of dancers’’, said Bajrić in his statement to the media.

(Source: Fena)

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