Sarajevo got the first Green Facade in the Region

February 18, 2018 9:00 AM

The first green facade was set on the corner of Titova Street and Alije Isakovica Street in Sarajevo, and it is the idea of the deputy of the Municipality Centar, Denis Challenger. The entire project was led by the NGO “Opus” in collaboration with the architecture studio “Atelier 01”.

The purpose of this initiative, i.e. the green facade, represents a contribution to the quality of the air, especially in the winter period, and these facades proved to be very useful in urban environments, according to several research.

And with the display of the Olympic mascot Vucko, it will become a visual attraction as well.

This is a very important project, but the very construction and its realization were not easy at all, and especially if we take into account the fact that nothing like this was ever done in BiH or in the entire region.

From the Municipality Center stated that they will continue with the support of projects that are important for their citizens, and that they will always be committed to new and creative ideas.

They are planning to set up additional plant facades next year and reduce air pollution in Sarajevo in that way.





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