Sarajevo gets first Eco Islands, do you know what they are? 

Eko_otok_primjerThe first underground eco island in BiH was placed at the Square of Heroes in the Municipality of Novo Sarajevo. It will be officially put into function today. This act will mark the beginning of a new approach to waste treatment in the Sarajevo Canton, based on the model that has been developed in the countries of the EU and the region for the past twenty years.

The project “Development of primary selection of waste from communal solid waste in the Sarajevo Canton”, which is jointly implemented by the Sarajevo Canton, the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure, the Cantonal Public Utility Enterprise Rad Sarajevo and Ekopak – the first authorized operator of the systems for packaging and packaging waste treatment, foresees the placement of five underground eco islands in the Sarajevo Canton and procurement of a specialized vehicle for the unloading of containers.

Each eco island consists of four underground containers – blue one for paper, yellow for plastics, green for glass and black for the disposal of communal waste that cannot be reused.

This is the most modern technical solution for separate waste disposal, which can be seen in a large number of European cities, so it is a success to see the implementation of this project in the Sarajevo Canton. Waste collected from these eco islands will be prepared and transported for recycling.

Ekopak procured 20 high-quality containers worth 150.000 BAM. Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure will finance the procurement of a vehicle in the amount of 200.000 BAM, and KJKP Rad Sarajevo will conduct construction works on the placement of islands, regularly unload the containers and prepare the collected waste for recycling.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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