Sarajevo gets Congress Center with 40 Floors


At the beginning of this year, in January or February, Novi Grad Municipality in Sarajevo will announce an international public invitation to investors for the construction of the Sarajevo Congress Center.

It is a project worth between 300 and 400 million BAM, according to mayor of Novi Grad Sarajevo Semir Efendic. BiznisInfo business portal writes that the urban project Congress Center of Sarajevo was adopted by the Novi Grad Municipal Council in 2016, but due to administrative problems, its implementation was constantly delayed.

This complex, which will consist of several residential and commercial buildings, will be located next to the building of Radio and Television of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Alipasino Polje.

By implementing this plan, Sarajevo would for the first time receive a tower higher than 40 floors. Namely, it is envisaged to build three towers that would be connected by a shopping mall located at their base. According to the Decision on the implementation of the urban project “Sarajevo Congress Center” from 2016, the maximum height after the third floor of the Business Mall, A is 29 floors,  B 34 floor, and C 39 floors.



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