Sarajevo Dariva to get new Content for all Generations soon?

The City of Sarajevo will start with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Dariva promenade.

The value of this project amounts to 40,000.00 BAM excluding VAT. Deadline for finalization of the project is 90 days.

A two-way bicycle trail and a tactile path for blind and visually impaired persons are planned within the reconstruction of the existing promenade.

The entire promenade should be under video surveillance and it should also offer free WiFi.

The main focus of the project will be on the redesign of furniture and urban elements. Redesign should also include a pedestrian bridge at the mouth of Moscanica River in Miljacka River, concrete fences along the river  bed and benches in the Alley of Ambassadors.

One of the novelties should be children park for all ages, and the main theme of the park will be the “Laboratory in Nature”. It will be aimed at the encouragement of the development of motor, cognitive and emotional skills in children.

Besides parks for children, this section should also include contents for elderly and young people, as well as an open-air fitness.


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