Sarajevo City Hall covered with the Question “Where is?”

Sarajevo City Hall was “covered” with messages on the occasion of the International Day of the Disappeared.

The messages “They have the right to know” and “Where is?” were projected on the external part of the City Hall, which referred to the fact that families are still searching for 7,191 persons.

Although it has been 23 years since the end of the war, the fate of these people is still unknown. It is still a mystery where their bodies were buried and how they died.

The process of finding the missing persons is in a deadlock, and families are sending appeals to all those who might know where the individual or mass graves are located to reveal it or contact institutions that are dealing with it, noting that their anonymity will be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, a large number of family members passed away in the meantime and many mothers never buried their sons and husbands. Those who are still alive are hoping that people who have some information have at least a bit of humanity and that they will allow them to bury the bones of their loved ones and finally find the peace they have been looking for.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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