Sarajevo Citizens surprised by the Shooting of Movie Scenes

In Sarajevo settlement Pofalici, on the main road in the morning hours, traffic jams had occurred several times due to the scenes shooting of the movie “The Compassion for the Devil”, which is based on true events that happened during the siege of Sarajevo.

Sarajevo police stopped the traffic, but also the citizens who wanted to cross from one side of the road to another. The citizens were confused and disturbed because they did not know what was happening, and they were only told to get out of the street and not to cross it, as Patrija writes.

The Patrija photojournalist managed to record the scene which was being shooted, and it was the fast-moving reporter’s car. The car came from the Hotel Holiday direction and turned half round at Pofalici. The scene was repeated three times in an hour.

Apart from that, shooting of the movie by the Canadian director, Guillaume de Fontena, began a few days ago, and the movie was inspired by true events and was based on the autobiography of French journalist Paul Marchand, who reported from sieged Sarajevo during 1992 and 1993.

The movie action is taking place in Sarajevo during the war period, and considering that the “Jezero” hospital is one of the significant visual symbols of starvation of Sarajevo and its citizens, it is planned to present it authentically in this movie.

The shooting will last until mid-March at several locations in Sarajevo.

The main roles in the movie are played by: Niels Schneider, Ella Rumpf and Vincent Rottiers.

The movie “Compassion for the Devil” is co-production by Monkey Pack Film from France, Go Films from Canada, Nexus Factory from Belgium, and SCCA/pro.ba production company from Bosnia and Herzegovina.


(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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