Sarajevo Canton PM spoke with Swedish Ambassador

Swedish Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Johanna Strömquist visited today the Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Edin Forto, with whom she discussed environmental protection, energy efficiency and the fight against corruption.

They placed special emphasis on Green Economic Development (GED) which the Government of Sweden will continue to fund in BiH.

Ambassador Strömquist informed the cantonal Prime Minister that at the end of autumn she will present a study that will contain all relevant data on the basis of which it will be possible to assess air quality in the canton, and how harmful pollution is to human health. This study was done by experts from Sweden.

She pointed out that it is in their interest to work together in the canton, as a local partner in the public sector, and with civil society organizations in all these areas, in order to create positive changes that will benefit citizens.

Prime Minister Forto emphasized that the Embassy of Sweden has always assisted the Sarajevo Canton in resolving many issues, especially when it comes to continuous air quality monitoring.

“Sweden struggled with this problem in the past that we have today, and it has succeeded in that thanks to renewable energy sources and energy savings,” the Prime Minister said.

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