When the Sarajevo Bypass will be connected with Safeta Zajke Street?

The connection of Safeta Zajke Street with the Sarajevo bypass (LOT 2C), i.e. the section leading to the motorway A1, will be completed and put into traffic by the end of the month of October.

Guarantees for the completion of the construction of this significant rondo in the northwest of the capital city of BiH were given by the contractors, i.e. the company Euro-asfalt, and they also promised this to the Mayor of the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, Semir Efendic.

LOT 2C will enable much better internal city communication, because, besides the underpass in Buca Potok on the 6th transversal and the overpass at Hidrogradnja on the 12th transversal, which only have two tracks, it will be the third pass over or under the railway, which divides this municipality into two parts.

LOT 2C itself will have the same capacity since four tracks will be constructed above the railway. In this way, the capacity of roads connecting the two parts of the municipality will be doubled, because the connection over LOT 2B and Stupska Loop will be realized over the Safeta Zajke Street via LOT 2C and the roundabout in Brijesce.

The future rondo that will connect Lot 2C of the Sarajevo bypass (actually the beginning of a city highway or city fast road) with Safeta Zajke Street is treated as a temporary solution in all documents.

The bad news is that the construction of the city highway that should eventually end up in the territory of the Municipality of Centar ends with this rondo.

(Source: I. P./Klix.ba)

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