Sarajevo Business Forum is the brightest Point of the Promotion of BH Economy

Sarajevo: Minutom šutnje za rudare stradale u Turskoj počeo SaSarajevo Business Forum is the brightest point of promotion of the economy of BiH, as noted at the preparatory workshop that was held in the great hall of the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH in Sarajevo.

Within the final presentation were presented potentials and opportunities of the largest investment conference in the region  to businessmen, just before Sarajevo Business Forum 2017 that will be held on May 22 and 23, this year, in the capital city of BiH under the auspices of the Presidency of BiH and it is supported by the Council of Ministers of BiH and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH. The workshop was organized by the BBI VIP Business Club in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of the FBiH, and it was attended by numerous representatives of BH companies from different sectors of the economy.

“This is a great opportunity for us to meet and get connected with foreign investors and find potential partners for cooperation during Sarajevo Business Forum. We heard very useful information,” said Alem Omerhodzic, CEO of “Senigor”.

Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of FBiH Mirsad Jasarspahic stated that these workshops represent an opportunity to get the potential and importance of the Sarajevo Business Forum closer to businessmen.

“SBF is the brightest point of the promotion of BiH during the whole year. It is more than a business conference because during these days is presented a much better image of our country than it is usually showed in the media,” said Jasarspahic.

Workshop in Sarajevo is the final in a series of meetings that were successfully held all across our country and the region. Over the past week, the potential of SBF 2017 was presented in Belgrade, Skopje, Tirana, Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla, Zenica, and Travnik.




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