Sarajevo Brewery organizes Concerts during the SFF

Party citi.ioSarajevo Brewery is the new exclusive sponsor of the Sarajevo Film Festival. Thus, its most recognizable brand Sarajevsko beer became the first domestic beer brand that is a sponsor of the SFF.

During the Festival, Sarajevsko beer is the sponsor of many concerts and music events in the most frequently visited places in Sarajevo.

“For us, exclusive sponsorship of the SFF represents support for a project that contributes to the quality of life of the citizens, promotes our country abroad and represents Sarajevo as the center of cultural events for years. Practically every night during the SFF we have organized program and we designed it to be available for everyone. During the SFF, we intend to share many tickets and invitations for free to the lovers of Sarajevsko beer. We want as much citizens of Sarajevo and their guests as possible to feel the festival atmosphere,” stated the PR Director of Sarajevo Brewery JSC Melisa Sefer-Liçin.

A series of concerts called “Sarajevsko after film” will be held in the Youth House in Skenderija. Among these concerts is the concert of Bajaga i Instruktori on Saturday, August 13, and Hladno pivo on Friday, August 19, and many DJs will come as well. Sarajevsko beer treats all its lovers on these concerts, so the price of draft beer in the amount of 0.33 liters will be two BAM.

Sarajevsko is also a sponsor of concerts of Konvoj on August 14 and Zabranjeno pušenje on August 16 in the club Cinemas Sloga.

As a special contribution to the promotion of cultural values of BiH, Sarajevsko Brewery also designed and produced a limited series of Sarajevsko beer cans Sarajevsko film and Sarajevsko beer in 0.33 liter bottles with labels showing posters of domestic films, which represents a special contribution to the promotion of the BiH cinematography.

All concerts begin at 11:45 pm.

Friday, August 12

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Petar Dundov, Haris Laus, Atonic, WeedranSharky b2b Focho

Saturday, August 13

Youth House, main hall

Opening act: Lopov Jack


Bajaga i Instruktori

Start 00:45 am


Amphitheater (smaller hall)

NKV Klemens,

DJ Enis + Resident DJs


Sunday, August 14

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Psychedelic Sunday: Semra, Tilawa Project, Weedran + Kolor Kultura


Monday, August 15

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Concert Strava Škola

+Stoposto+ Said5 & Pickpocket + Resident DJs


Tuesday, August 16

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Warm up: Etisson Hardcase Band

Basheskia & Edward EQ (Basheskia starts at 01:00 am)

+ Hybrid Live + Residents DJs


Wednesday, August 17

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Concert Skroz

+ NKV Klemens+ Resident DJs


Friday, August 19

Youth House, main hall

Opening act: Leftovers


Hladno Pivo

Start: 00:45 am


Saturday, August 20

Amphitheater (smaller hall)

Mili Sefic, El Mano, Focho, Hator, Sharky, Weedran


Tickets for the concerts of Bajaga i Instruktori and Hladno pivo can be bought via website Kupikartu.ba and they cost 15 BAM.

Tickets for concerts in the amphitheater of the Youth House cost five BAM and include consummation of up to 4 BAM. These tickets can be purchased at the entrance to the Youth House.

(Source: klix.ba)


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