Sarajevo Bobsleigh and Luge Track is Heaven for Lugers from all around the World

bob sledThis week, four Polish lugers are having important trainings on Sarajevo bobsleigh and luge track for upcoming season of sport that is on the edge of interest in BiH – luge.

Natalia Wojtusciszyn, Maciej Kurowski, Wojciech Chmielewski and Mateusz Sochowicz are members of the National luge team, and they are training on Trebevic, since it is almost impossible to train in the rest of the Europe.

These are basic preparations, which is summer trainings on wheels used for practice of steering and lying techniques, practice of better position, aerodynamics and getting used to the speed.

“That is very important because once you get on the ice there is no time left for competitor to get used to speed that is up to 150 km/h. This is a unique track in the world where it is possible to drive up to 130 km/h on wheels, and that speed was achieved by Slovakians which have been here for 5 times already, including the training that took place 7 days ago,” said Senad Omanovic, the Director of Luge Alliance of BiH.

According to Omanovic, Polish will do in Sarajevo what they cannot get on any other summer track.

“No other track gives opportunity for development of this kind of speed, and it is not possible to drive from the top on many tracks. They heard about Sarajevo from other representations and they were delighted by what they have seen so far. That is another verification of quality of this track,” said Omanovic.

The member of Polish national team, Natalia Wojtusciszyn, is for the first time in Sarajevo and she has positive opinion about the capital city of BiH and she believes that she will come back to Trebevic next year as well.

“Sarajevo has remarkable culture unlike Poland which is uniform, while you have different people and buildings from different times here. I haven’t learned a single Bosnian word. I understand Russian, Czech and Slovak, but your language is a bit more difficult”, said Natalia.

Maciej Kurowski confirmed the words of Senad Omanovic by saying how tracks in Poland are in bad condition and that Sarajevo one is one of the best ones out there.

“Our tracks are not in good condition, some are made of wood and can be used only during winter and they are not quality as yours when it comes to luge. We are impressed by this track, we have great trainings here for which the speed is needed,” explained Maciej.

BH lugers are trying to set Sarajevo bobsleigh and luge track back in function.

“Our representation is the only representative of winter sport from BiH which has representatives in world cups every year, both in senior and junior competition,” said Omanovic.

Season starts in October when the races are taking place in Austria, Germany, Latvia, Canada and USA.

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