’Sarajevo Blues Bang’ on 4 September in City Pub

Sarajevo_Blues_Bang_04_Sep_13The band ‘Sarajevo Blues Bag’ will perform in the Sarajevo City Pub on Wednesday, 4 September beginning at 21:30.

The band is made up of four members: Alem Aleksić – Ciza, Bojan Dizdarević – Boki, Sanin Lutvić – Sanjo and Igor Zolkević.

‘Sarajevo Blues Bang’ was formed as the result of a love for a type of music that is mentioned in the name of the band. The duration of its existence is difficult to determine because the members of the band played for many years together, performing under different names, but they have always retained their love for the blues and the rhythm of the Mississippi.

Numerous performances have contributed to building their own unique style of playing, of managing to bring the audience to a time when such sounds were produced by blues legends such as Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, John lee Hooker, Buddy Guy and many others.

For those familiar with blues, it will be clear that this is folk blues, a style that is rarely heard in B&H and beyond, taking into account that this is exclusively a type of music performed by American black musicians, said in an official statement on the website of City Pub.

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