Sarajevo to become the Center of FMCG Industry on April 12

March 16, 2018 8:45 AM

The largest domestic, regional and world experts from the FMCG industry will gather at the FMCG Summit that will be held in Sarajevo on April 12. They will discuss the long-standing issues that bother traders, producers and distributors.

Therefore, Darko Lukic, marketing consultant and master of economic sciences, who is working as a consultant for many leading companies from Serbia and the region, will talk about the issue of how digitization is affecting the FMCG industry. He will present which trends are affecting FMCG brands and what kind of consequences they might bring in the future period. This will be very interesting and useful for all those who want to be successful in this industry.

Two key speakers, Jean Jacques Vandenheede (senior analytics of retailing industry for AC Nielsen Europe), from Belgium, who will talk about the topic of “Sale one on one” and the large changes that are coming, and Matthew Brown (the retail futurologist) from the United Kingdom, who will talk about “New Practices – from Retail to” Me-Tail “, will definitely attract a lot of attention.

And the big finale! The “State of the FMCG” or “A Great Review of the State and Challenges of FMCG in BiH and the Region” is a panel that will include some of the largest names of the FMCG industry in BiH and the region. The main focuses of this panel will be challenges of expansion beyond the borders of BiH, which are the best international practices and where should the FMCG in BiH develop, where are we now and how we should move forward, etc.

You can get more information about the program, lecturers and participation fees at the following link:



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