Sarajevo beautified with 100,000 Flowers

Sarajevo park flowersYesterday, workers of PE Park planted more than 7000 new flowers of surfinias, ageratum, and begonias in flower beds in Mali Park (Small Park), just opposite the building of the Presidency of BiH in Sarajevo.

Besides Mali Park, with new flowers were also decorated other areas in municipalities Centar, Novo Sarajevo, and Novi Grad.

PE Park started the action of planting seasonal and annual flowers last week in “Pionirska Dolina(Pioneer Valley)” and the zoo, and new beautiful flowers were planted in many flowerbeds, in Patriotske Lige Street and Marsala Tita Street.

Today, the action of decorating streets and monuments of Sarajevo will be continued in Veliki Park (Large Park) on surfaces next to the Monument to the killed children of Sarajevo, where the process of land preparation was already conducted, and in the Memorial Park “Mirza Delibasic and Davorin Popovic”, as well as surfaces in Vrazova Street.

Flowers, a total of over 100,000 of them, will get more green spaces in Novi Grad, Ilidza, and Vogosca, and all of these areas are under the jurisdiction of the PE Park.

Seasonal flowers that PE Park is using to decorate streets and parks of Sarajevo are their own product, and they grow them in Nedzarici, as announced by the PE Park.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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