Sarajevo-based “Grizelj” Company will install the first Disinfection Tunnel in Sarajevo


Sarajevo-based “Grizelj” company will install the first disinfection tunnel in Sarajevo on Saturday. The director of the company, Tomislav Grizelj, confirmed this to Akta.ba business portal.

“Today, the first DT Disinfection Tunnel type DT 1 will be installed in front of the Parliament building, intended for the disinfection of work staff and visitor footwear. – 4 x 1 x 2.5 meters with fogging equipment, high-pressure pump, 15-nozzle disinfectant tank and internal high-pressure installation. Consumption for effective disinfection is 30 lit./hours, “said Grizelj.

These tunnels can be installed at the entrance to residential buildings, institutions, hospitals and all other facilities. “Our company will provide all the necessary equipment and Antivirin, and it is up to the crisis staffs to decide where it can be put,” Grizelj said. It is recalled that the Grizelj company also produced Antivirin, a more accurate hydrogen peroxide and silver ion agent that effectively attacks corona group viruses.In 2013, the Federal Ministry of Health gave them permission to put the product on the market, and it is available on our market.



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