Sarajevo as a Tourist Destination is Often Recommended by World Medias

sarajevoAccording to recommendations of many prestigious newspapers and specialized travel magazines, Sarajevo in the last few years has become a more attractive touristic destination.

“Despite the hard and turbulent past, the capital city of B&H has kept its cosmopolitan spirit”, written in the text published in November 2013 in the famous British daily newspaper The Independent.

The author of the text on Sarajevo describes this city as a place where a mixture of culture and history is not just an empty phrase from tourist brochures, but a natural fact that you face in every step.

The article titled “The Bosnian capital of Sarajevo is Europe’s comeback kid” was published in October 2013 as part of the publication “The National”, in English, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Also, the world famous travel magazine National Geographic Traveler in the November edition has included Sarajevo in its exclusive list of 20 world destinations that should be visited during 2014.

The prestigious British magazine Food and Travel recommends Sarajevo to its readers, not only as a cultural and historical location but also as one of most interesting culinary destinations.

(Source: Klix.ba)

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