Sarajevo among Cities that “Should immediately be visited”

SarajevoAccording to the research of the famous tourist site Virtualtourist”,  Sarajevo and Zagreb are among the European cities that  Should immediately be visited”.

Specifically, the capital of BiH and the capital of Croatia has been listed among the top ten most interesting European cities, that employees of tourism sector recommend, as the most attractive tourist destinations in the Europe.

In Sarajevo, tourists can enjoy the rich architectural shapes, the hospitality that characterizes Bosnian people, delicious čevapi… It is the most interesting capital city of the countries in the Balkans”, was stated on this portal.

Among the places that are recommended to the tourists are Baščaršija, HusrevBey’s Mosque, Latin Bridge, the war tunnel, Cathedral, Eternal Flame and the Sebilj on Baščaršija.

Baščaršija is described as the heart and soul of Sarajevoand it is a reminder of the Ottoman time, but also a place where you can find famous restaurants, bars, leisure places

Beautiful atmosphere and the incredible feeling of calm and relaxation just shows that you need to spend a few extra hours having coffee and watching the pigeons moving around“, was wrote on this portal from one of the tourists who visited Sarajevo.

Sarajevo was even before several times considered among the most interesting European tourist destinations.

Sarajevo is by the recommendation of “Lonely Planet”, the most famous tour guide, in the top 10 cities in the world that  should be visited”.

Top 10 cities in terms of the recommendations are Abu Dhabi (UAE), Charleston (USA), Cork (Ireland), Cuenca (Ecuador), Istanbul (Turkey), Kyoto (Japan), Lecce (Italy), Sarajevo (BiH), Singapore, Vancouver (Canada).

(Source: Vijesti.ba)


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