Sarajevo among 10 most desirable Winter Destinations in Europe


snowy-sarajevo5British paper The Guardian made a list of ten most desirable European destinations for winter season and Sarajevo is among them.

In today’s world, Sarajevo is an example that something beautiful can be born out of something bad. This once magnificent bastion of unity and multicultural glory has risen from the ashes after the siege in the period from 1992 until 1996, and now it is a blooming metropolis and a fascinating destination, The Guardian wrote.

Narrow streets of Bašaršija, the old town, are complemented by modern cafes and decent accommodation prices. Accommodation can be found at the price of 11 EUR in single-bed rooms and 32 EUR in double-bed rooms.

According to The Guardian, tourists must visit the City Hall, the masterpiece from the Austro-Hungarian period, and the Svrzo’s house, a museum from the 18th century. There is also the Tunnel of Hope, which meant life in the besieged Sarajevo.

The Guardian recalls that the capital of BiH hosted the Winter Olympics, reporting that it is surrounded by mountains which have skiing tracks and snowboarding tracks, and are only miles away from the city.

Among the top 10 European destinations according to The Guardian are also Poprad (Slovakia), Baden-Baden and Memmingen (Germany), Are-Ostersund (Sweden), Poznan (Poland), Zagreb (Croatia), Tromso (Norway), Ljubljana (Slovenia), and Sibiu (Romania).


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