Sarajevans protesting again because of Authorities’ Response to Pandemic

Today, new protests are being held in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in front of the building of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH. The citizens of Sarajevo are asking the government to offer a clear and enforceable plan in the fight against the coronavirus.

One of the organizers, Alma Avdagic, told BHRT that after the last protests, they did not receive any response from the authorities, and that they are now asking the state deputies to remove unprofessional staff.

“Not only do we not have vaccines, but we also do not have a plan to fight the pandemic,” Avdagic pointed out.

As she stated, the authorities have 14 days to take concrete steps, otherwise, the protests will continue until their demands are met.

“We have been waiting for a year for those who won the vote to do their job, we are not giving up until the demands are met,” she said, urging citizens to join them in the fight.

“We call on everyone to unite in this situation, regardless of differences, in order to fight together and fight for a better life,” Avdagic pointed out.

Several hundred citizens gathered in Sarajevo about ten days ago due to non-procurement of vaccines and endangering public health, at protests organized through social networks called “Fight for Life”.

At that time, the citizens blocked the main road near the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, and sent messages to the authorities: “Earn a salary”, “a PR test is obligatory for everyone who enters BiH”, “Enough is enough”, “Are you sleeping peacefully”.

The informal group “Fight for Life” demanded the resignation or firm guarantees from the leadership that the mass immunization will start by the end of April.

The list of organizers’ requests also included the removal of the old and the appointment of a new convocation of the BiH Council of Ministers and the FBiH Government, which had 14 days to come up with a clear and realistic plan for crisis management and the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

A deadline of seven days has been set for fulfilling these requirements, until April 13, 2021, BHRT writes.

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