Sarajevan Adnan Ceric earns Money by playing Games on YouTube

While majority of children dream of becoming doctors, pilots or famous persons, Adnan Ceric, also known as Cera, had only one wish – to play games and earn money in that way. However, he could not even imagine that this will actually happen. The 31-year-old Cera is engaged in gaming and he is making money from it by playing games and recording video clips for YouTube.

“My friends liked to watch my reactions while we were playing games, especially if there were some scary games. I had some language that I talked while playing games and no one understood it,” said Cera.

He said that he did not need too much time to decide to record a video clip. He watched other YouTubers from all over the world and he just decided to record his first video as well. He uploaded it on YouTube and waited for reactions.

“The first clips became popular in no time. It was quite unbelievable to me when people started stopping me in the streets to take a photo with me,” said Cera, whose social networks are now full of messages of his fans.

This enthusiastic Sarajevan revealed that he is already building a new studio in his house that will be equipped with much better cameras, microphones, computers and other technology gadgets needed for gaming. However, he said that great success can be achieved with mobile phone as well.

Cera has a great support from his family, friends, and audience which, as he says, pushes him to live his dream more and more. An interesting fact is that most of his followers on YouTube are women, and they are coming from all over the region and other European countries.

This Sarajevan is planning to organize a gaming event in Sarajevo next year, which would gather gamers and fans of gaming from all over the region. He announced that this event would include different training, new games, gaming tournaments and numerous other contents.

(Source: Dz. Lutvic/Klix.ba)







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