Santa Claus Party 2018 organized for Children of Bugojno

An interesting New Year celebration for the youngest ones “Santa Claus Party 2018” was held at the Crystal Hall of the Municipality of Bugojno.

The program was full of play and song, and “Horoljupci” of the Vocal Ensemble of Bugojno participated together with the little ones from “Sun”.

“This is the activity that we traditionally do in our city, with the aim of giving the children a holiday atmosphere. In addition, we always strive to collect money for the purchase of packages for children from endangered families, and this is done through ticket sales,” said Elmedina Sabic, the Head of NGO “Sunce”.

She thanked parents and visitors, who with their arrival, supported this human action, as well as to Mayor of Bugojno Municipality Hasan Ajkunic for support in the organization, Federal News Agency reports.


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