What are Sanela Jenkins’s Ambitions regarding the FC Sarajevo?

jenkins sanela dianaThe most famous Bosnian in the world, businesswoman and humanitarian Sanela Jenkins, denied the allegations about the purchase of the FC Sarajevo.

Information appeared in certain media that it is possible that Sanela Jenkins buys the managing rights of the Bordeaux team from the Malaysian billionaire Vincent Tan.

“Immediately after Mr. Vincent Tan invested in FC Sarajevo two years ago, the idea was that I be one of the co-owners of the club. However, the things we talked about then never got to the stage where my entrance to Sarajevo truly happens. After the winning of the title, at that moment the club did not plan to bring other investors, and there were some initiatives, but the purchase never occurred and we never talked about details,” Jenkins said.

“FC Sarajevo is a big club and I certainly wish them great success and return to the old tracks of fame. I believe that the best solution will be found,” Jenkins added.


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