Sana Muslić – the first world junior bodybuilding champion

December 20, 2012 10:29 AM

B&H bodybuilding and fitness contestant, Sana Muslić won the gold medal at the World Amateur Championship for juniors in bodybuilding, classic building, fitness, body- fitness and bikini, in the category of bodybuilding for women.

The championship was held in Budapest. This is also the first gold medal and the best result in the history of bodybuilding in B&H. Melisa Geimer from Germany won the second place, while Mihaela Serban from Romania was third. Besides Sana and her coach Darman Lukač, B&H was represented by its national selector Mirsad Terzo.

It is important to stress that 350 contestants  from 50 countries of the world have competed on this championship.

We congratulate Sana and her coach for this great success!



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