Sampling for Bone Marrow Bank in B&H Began

hospitalOrganized by the NGO “Mala” in Sarajevo, blood typing began today and thus the formation of the bone marrow registry bank in B&H.

The first donor was Mayor of municipality Stari Grad in Sarajevo Ibrahim Hadžibajrić, who is also the honorary Ambassador of the project.

He said that with this project, B&H has access to a worldwide network of donors for bone marrow, which would be of huge importance for B&H citizens.

“Time will show how aware we are of the importance of this project because the formation of a bank registry for bone marrow would allow for the treatment of a number of illnesses and would save human lives’’, said Hadžibarić.

President of “Mala” Amela Sućeska said that everyone in the organization is especially proud of this project.

“When this registry becomes a member of European and world organizations then citizens that need a bone marrow transplant could have that done in B&H and transplants from all over the world would be accessible under favorable conditions and lower prices’’, said Sućeska.

She added that in order to join the registry in world organizations it is necessary to have 1.500 donors and to become a serious partner at the global level 5.000 donors is necessary.

“Blood typing will be done in Croatia, so that the first standardized examples from B&H, in cooperation with the Foundation Ana Rukavina and the Institute for Transfusion Medicine of Croatia, through the Croatian Registry would enter the world market, and that is before 1.500 samples are collected’’, explained Sućeska.

She pointed out that the costs of such procedures currently costs around 350.000 euros per patient-without a post-operative period, and that with the formation of a bank registry for bone marrow in B&H the price would be 50.000 euros at the most.

In addition to Mayor Hadžibajrić, the Director of Lutrija B&H Edhem Pašukan, the CEO of BH Telecom Hamdo Katica, and the Director of the Institute today donated blood samples for Public Health of the FBIH Željko Ler.

(Source: klix.ba)

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