By Sale of Treasury Bills, Government of FBiH indebts for 100 Million BAM

Fadil Novalić Announcement faktor.baThe Government of the Federation of BiH issued a decision on debt through the issuance of treasury bills of the Federation, with a nominal amount of up to 100 million BAM.

Federation Prime Minister Fadil Novalic has decided to take this step in order to raise funds for the financing of the expenditures set out in the 2017 Budget of the Federation of BiH.

The decision was published in the Official Gazette of the FBiH, and the sale of treasury bills will be made by a multipurpose price method and through an auction on the Sarajevo Stock Exchange (SASE). The auction date will be determined by a public call.

The number of treasury bills is 10 thousand, and the nominal value of the treasury bills is 10,000 BAM.


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