Salary in Bosnia covers only 49 Percent of Consumer Basket


In December last year, a consumer basket in Republika Srpska entity (RS) cost 1,911.14 BAM with an average salary of 939 covering BAM 49.13 percent of these costs, according to data from the entity Union of Trade Unions.

In that BiH entity, the highest average salary in December 2019 was paid in financial activities and insurance, amounting to 1,431 BAM. The lowest salary is in the field of construction, only 647 BAM.

The union warns that low average wages in December last year were received by workers in the field of arts, entertainment and recreation, namely 660 BAM, employees in administrative and support service activities 706 BAM, as well as workers in the provision of accommodation, preparation and serving food, hotels and catering, whose average December salary was 662 BAM.

Employees in the transport and storage sector received low salaries of 712 BAM, as well as trade in 726 BAM.

Families in RS spent the most money in December to purchase food (706.65 BAM), 587.22 BA for housing and utilities, and 106.35 BAM for ongoing household maintenance. Purchase of footwear and clothing last month cost 139.27 BAM, hygiene and health care 89.77 BAM, transportation 200.23 BAM, and education and culture 82.65 BAM.

The average December salary after tax (net salary) was 22 BAM higher than the average salary paid in November 2019.

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