Sajjra Poljo from Zenica collected 5,000 BAM for her Treatment through a Solo Exhibition

Sajjra Poljo, an eleven-year-old girl from Zenica, survived a horrible traffic accident two years ago, and she had three surgeries in Austria and four in Zenica so far.

Her love for painting was born spontaneously after she met some painters who introduced her to the world of colors.

Sajjra already had two independent exhibitions with the international character.

“Sajjra is very happy. As an 11 years old girl, she already had her second solo exhibition that was supported by painters from all over BiH and the Diaspora. She is not fully aware of her talent and what she is doing yet, but she is very proud of her work and contribution,” said her father Mirsad.

“I support her efforts because she is my wind in the back in all of this. I can proudly say that Sajjra collected 5,000 BAM for her paintings in only a few hours,” said Mirsad.

Three more stem cell transplantations in Austria are awaiting this successful young painter, an eleven-year-old student, in the upcoming period, and 20,000 BAM is needed for each of them.

“Five to six transplants were planned in Austria, but after this MRT, we cannot say for sure how many of them will be in the future,” said Sajjra’s father Mirsad.

“Her recovery is evident. Sajjra is persistent. She is working a lot and we do not doubt the outcome. The next surgery is planned in January 2018, and each next one depends on the opinion of a doctor in Austria who is leading her case,” said Poljo and noted that their goal is that Sajjra leaves the wheelchairs.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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