Sad Story: Destiny played with Three Small Girls from Tuzla

The destiny played with three small girls from Tuzla who were abandoned by their parents after birth and for whom grandparents are taking care.

One of the girls has problem with eyes, and she can soon be left without a vision because of the sudden increase in diopters was diagnosed.

They need help of good people to be able to cure outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three girls, aged six, seven and eight, who are attending Tuzla elementary school, have many desires and wills to live, regardless of the fact that they do not share a fair destiny as their peers.

Since birth, they are without parental love, and without the basic needs for their life.

“Children have been here since the very first birthday with us,” says Rasema Ramic, grandmother.

Muhammad and his wife are unemployed, and for food, schooling, clothing, and everything that girls need, they find some money.
Rasema adds that they survive with the help of their other children, good people and friends and soup kitchen.

If you want to help this family and girl, you can contact her grandfather Muhamed Ramic on phone 062 / 311-544.

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