Sad Anniversary: Thousands of Bosniaks tortured in the Omarska Camp

campOn this day 24 years ago, Serbian authorities opened one of the most notorious camps in BiH, camp Omarska, through which passed more than 3000 people from Prijedor from May to August 1992.

Part of camp detainees in Omarska was killed at Koricanske stijene and Hrastova glavica, 124 of them, but many victims have not been found yet.

The camp was organized by the local government after the violent takeover of Prijedor by the “Great Serbia” paramilitary forces. They organized a systematic campaign of detentions and expulsion of non-Serb population throughout the region, and their property was plundered and destroyed.

According to the testimony of former detainees, the camp was hell on earth. Famous Dr. Eso Sadikovic went through torture as well, and his body was found in a cave Hrastova glavica.

Systematic torture and killings lasted until August 1992 when camp Omarska was closed. However, besides camp Omarska, Bosniaks were also killed in camps Keraterm, Trnopolje, Manjaca and others.

(Source: nap.ba)

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