SABNOR condemns Glorification of Leader of Chetnik Movement Draza Mihailovic

Members of the Alliance of Antifascists and Veterans of National Liberation War (SABNOR) of BiH, followers of those who were on the winning side as part of the world anti-fascist coalition in 1945, strongly condemn any revision of history and historical facts and glorification of war criminals such as Draža Mihailović, the leader of the Chetnik movement.

 “The news that a bust of the convicted World War II criminal Draža Mihailović was unveiled in Bijeljina in the square of the same name convinced us that neo-fascism in our area is becoming the ideology of many elected officials at various levels of government,” SABNOAR states.

SUBNOAR demands from the prosecutor’s office and other judicial bodies to react immediately and sanction those responsible for this.

At the same time, they are urging the new High Representative, Christian Schmidt, to use his powers to sanction and prevent this and similar phenomena and activities in the future.

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